About Us


The company is managed by highly technical professional having in-depth knowledge, competence to design, develop and manufacture excellent quality products conforming to relevant international standards. With its multi-location marketing and production facilities, the company can provide service to most of the high end real estate developers and construction companies engaged in residential, commercial.

JASKEIM Group came into existence in May 1993, in Mumbai, India as a small scale trading organization with major interest in construction chemicals. Over the past 12 years JASKEIM Group has grown with 5 regional offices and a network of dealers. JASKEIM has built a solid reputation based on in-house research and development, manufacturing and distribution of more than 500 innovative products for use in construction industries (industrial and domestic use).

The JASKEIM family of products represents the accomplishment of a dedicated team of technical and business professionals, constantly striving to set new industry standards for services, quality and technical excellence.

Mission Statement

“We are dedicated to the development of customer’s loyalty by setting industry standards for services, quality and technical excellence through in-house research and development. Our goals are achieved by working in partnership with our suppliers, employees, customers, dealers, consultants and financial institutions to provide sustainable financial performance with unequalled reputations of trust, reliability and fairness based on environmentally safe solutions. "

Research & Development

The key to our success is our ability to generate innovative products and capabilities at the forefront of the industry.  R&D is a backbone for all Jaskeim products. At Jaskeim we are shaping the future development of the existing products through a constant stream of innovations in a range.

Jaskeim has multi-locational manufacturing facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Modern lab consists  PC operated colour matching system, Tensile Testing Machine & Malvern Master Size. Jaskeim's lab is well-equipped to test sealant, concrete admixture, paint, water proofing products & other construction chemicals. Latest manufacturing facilities speed up process of inventory and dispatching.

Bonding With JASKEIM

The company promises maximum satisfaction to the customers for its every product in terms of good quality & service. Whether you are designing & building a new structure or renovating an existing one, create an envelope of strength and protection with Jaskeim Products. When you work with Jaskeim you benefit from our vast construction industry expertise, technical support resources and customized construction service that are tailored to meet your needs.